two discussion question each one 8 10 sentences 2

Choose ONLY TWO from the topics below:

Discussion Question 1: Which would be more detrimental, an error in DNA synthesis, transcription, or translation? Justify your response (It is an opinion but use factual evidence)

Discussion Question 2: If it was your choice, would you classify a virus as living or dead and why. Explain.

Discussion Question 3: Should the nucleotide sequences of an individual’s genes and the proteins they code for be kept confidential? (from the individual, insurance companies, future spouses, family members etc.)

Discussion Question 4: How do you feel about a national or world wide data base of human genetic information being implemented so that it might be used to develop lifesaving medicines? What are the risks, what are the benefits? Does the denial of health insurance for pre-existing conditions play a role here?

Discussion Question 5: What is bothering you about the scientific information in these chapters? What is goading you to think or how have your beliefs changed with this new knowledge? In other words………………. what do you want to comment on? How can any of this technology impact your life?