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urban planning paper

Based on different ideas from the reading, lectures, and outside work, you will develop an idea for improving a city. For example, you can propose a new housing development, business, multi-use site, public space, or art installation.

This can be an idea geared toward the future, and you have an unlimited budget as well as creative liberties to change the urban landscape (i.e., tear down an existing building, relocate businesses) as necessary. You can choose any city you like, but you must be specific about where the project would be located. 

The proposal for your project should be at least 10 pages and must answer the follow:

  • Project Title
  • City and exact location—if you can include a map (if relevant) of the location that would be helpful.
  • Problem statement: What urban problem are you addressing with this project? 
  • Description of the project in detail
  • Why the project is important
  • Who will be involved and whom it will impact
  • Long-term goals of the project
  • Any potential unexpected consequences or negative outcomes associated with the project

I just wanted to make sure that the minimum number of references for your final paper is clear: each paper should have 7 references (1 for the Hutter book, 3 for external contemporary work, and 3 for external scholarly work). Please make sure that all of your references and in-text citations are in APA format, and closely examine the rubric for the final paper before submitting your assignments. 

– Hutter, M. (2016). Experiencing cities. (3rd ed.) New York: Routledge.

General Formatting Guidelines for Written Work • Formal written assignments will be scored for organization, clarity of presentation, accuracy, depth, appropriate grammar, and completeness of treatment. All written assignments must be spell-checked and proofread. • All assignments should typed, double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, or other comparable font. • All assignments should be properly sourced and referenced and contain a reference list. • Please use the APA as the style guide for this course. Learn this style. The Publication Manual is available in ASU libraries. Or, you can visit www.apastyle.org. I will mark your work down if there are persistent errors in your use of the APA style.

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