us iran nuclear deal important foreign policy decision affecting the broader stability of the middle east

I wand to make these two pages as stunning as much as we can! Editing or adding is allowed with providing with any resorces used

The memorandum should be written from a particular, bureaucratic point of view (that is to say for example from the position of an Ambassador to a certain country, or a Treasury official, or a Defense Department advisor, etc.) and be addressed to key U.S. decision makers. It should demonstrate an understanding not just of the issue but of the bureaucratic context of U.S. policymaking.

In these two pages: should provide a background for topic. The challenge will mainly be one of concision, that is to say providing a historical context and highlighting the major actors involved.

Please take in consideration these important step while editing and improving the paper:

1- I need an amazing Hock

2- Explaining the issue very very well

3- Where we are at the moment in this issue

4- Where we want to be

5- what are the strategies to pursue

6- The best option to achieve and why among these strategies — I want the option to be the second option assuming there are three, DOES this make sense?