virtual team building exercise

There is a relationship between spirituality and community involvement within 4 areas: service learning, volunteering, social activism, nature and the environment.

Participate in a team-building discussion. Brainstorm one way that you can develop your own connectedness to the community. Identify one agency you can contact to help solve a real problem that exists in your neighborhood or community.

Here are some suggestions, don’t limit yourself. Be creative.

  • Parks and recreation (Example: beach cleanups)
  • Broward Humane Society (Example: stray cats spayed/neutered)
  • Faith Based Ministry (Example: food drives)
  • Broward College Service learning opportunities (Example: recycling programs)

Then Complete the following:

  1. Name of local agency.
  2. Contact information (Who can you call for further information about volunteering).
  3. What are your goals as a volunteer for the agency and why? Write a paragraph (5 sentences minimum).
  4. How do you feel about the potential opportunity to give back to the community and why? Write a paragraph (5 sentences minimum).