week 5 quantitative analysis in an organization

Based on examples from one of the recommended articles selected by you, the lecture notes, the text, and other sources, discuss one or several of the themes: quantitative analysis and decision making, quantitative analysis models, application of quantitative analysis in real situations, the role of computers and spreadsheet models in the quantitative analysis approach.

(select and review ONE of the following articles):

1. When Data Creates Competitive Advantage and When it Doesn’t, Hagiu, A., HBR 2020 January-February

2. Management is Much More Than a Science – The limits of Data-Driven Decision Making, Martin R., HBR, September – October 2017, pp. 129-136

3. How to Test Your Assumptions, Fjeld, J, MIT Sloan Management Review, 2018 Winter

4. The Five Steps All Leaders Must Take in the Age of Uncertainty, Reeves M., MIT Sloan Management Review, 2017 Fall