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Weekly Debates Assignment #4

Some potential topics for this week include:

  1. Review this source and use it as background for a debate titled “Do Regulations Work?”
  2. Recent judicial or legislative reform or the results of the implementation of a particular reform from the state or federal level.
  3. Changes in the power structure of Congress from a committee standpoint. This could include the transfer of power based on a change in the leadership in certain committees.
  4. The recent actions of interest groups and the effect on the legislative agenda of Congress.
  5. In July 2009, the first case of cyberbullying made headlines as a federal judge threw out the case from a lower court. Prosecutors in St. Louis contended that their ruling was correct and that the federal judge was out to “make a name for himself.” This new form of bullying resulted in the death of a 13-year-old girl. What is the constitutional background in cases such as this?

By the end of the week , create your response to the posted issue in a Microsoft Word document and submit it to this Discussion Area. Your response should be 1 to 2 pages long. In your response, discuss the complexity of the issue and its pros and cons. Support your response with examples, logical reasoning, and research and articulate your position clearly. Develop a conclusion based on current facts and statistics. Your response should clarify your understanding of the topic and should be your own—original and free from plagiarism. Use facts and statistics published within the past five years.

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