what is web complation


Need websites for classrooms elementary and teachers

For this assignment, you will compile a list of 10 useful websites related to content area reading.

Compile your 10 resources and fill in the relevant information in the provided chart/template. Be sure to provide a concise, but thorough description of each of the websites that you choose to highlight. Submit your resource list as a Microsoft Word document.


Website 1

Title/Author/Year: NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12: 2016, National Science Teachers Association, 2017


Description (highlight connections to reading across content areas and specific literacy components):

Each year the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) endeavors to help educators by compiling a list of the best science related literature released over the previous year. The NSTA understands that the NGSS compliments the CCSS in its overall goal to “increase literacy for all learners” (NSTA, para 2). For each of the titles listed there is a picture (if available), short description of the text, and hyperlink that links to the book’s Amazon site where it can be purchased. A compiled list through publication year 1995 is available for review.

Specific Audience: Science teachers or general education teachers (elementary or sped) looking for books to supplement classroom libraries to support literature in the content area of science.

Cost: Free.