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Fruhlinger (2018) posted about the Wannacry ransomware attack of May 2017. This was, in the opinion of many experts, a warning attack. If the hackers had not left a ‘kill-switch’ within the code of the ransomware the attack could have been worse and impossible to stop. The Windows application that this attack took advantage of was the SMB protocol which allows communication between computers in a network. The vulnerability in the SMB protocol had been discovered by the NSA who had, instead of reporting it, used it to create the EternalBlue exploit. This exploit was released to the public and has been used since for many different types of attacks (Schirmarcher, Ondrus & Tan, 2018).

This was a security misconfiguration vulnerability in the OWASP top ten. This is because the SMB protocol could have been secured if only network admins around the world had bothered to install the patch that had already been released by Microsoft. The availability and confidentiality components of the CIA triad were affected by this ransomware attack. 

After the attack there has been a lot of talk as to the future of cybersecurity and how easy it is for exploits such as these to spread globally. Once more it seems that the industry is far behind the attackers when it comes to anticipating exploits. This is especially made worse by the fact that there is negligence by corporations e.g. some corporations still use Windows XP.


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Application vulnerabilities are increasing in today’s world by different kinds of attacks such are phishing, crypto-jacking, Service attacks etc. This kind of vulnerabilities can occur in different places like user personal computers, client machines or within the end-user workstations. In order to avoid these kinds of vulnerabilities companies must take precautions in discovering and preventing the attacks.

There are several kinds of vulnerabilities are occurred in the Microsoft. Such is, an elevation privilege vulnerability have occurred .net framework which could give access to an unauthorized person or an intruder at an elevated level. With this elevated privilege vulnerability, an entire organization would be in danger as this could give access to whole data or files in the organization. The Broken access control, insecure deserialization will be applicable to this kind of vulnerability. All there CIA components will come into the picture. The insecure deserialization can be detected through the application security tools where a broken access control needs to do testing through the testing tools and also penetration testing will be helpful in identifying the non-functional access controls.

There was a problem associated with Microsoft excel which is an information disclosure vulnerability. Authentication is not required to exploit this vulnerability and coming to the CIA triad it is impacting the confidentiality component.  We can protect this kind of vulnerability through testing before launching into the real world.


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