women s research paper about postpartum depression

  1. Compare gender expectations over time and across cultures
  2. Evaluate means of addressing social inequalities and articulate potential causes of discrimination
  3. Analyze current issues pertaining to one or more of the factors shaping women’s experiences

You must address all three of the above objectives in your paper.For the purposes of the college a score of 0 – 4 for three (3) of the outcomes will be awarded for your level of attainment.For class scoring the grading criteria below will be utilized.

You are encouraged to use the writing center and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition.

Consult the Purdue OWL website for guidance in APA stylehttps://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

___/ 100% Components to include: Comments:

___/ 5

  1. Topic with significant impact on women’s health submitted by email as directed on or before January 28th 2020.**Each day topic is late will result in 5 point deduction from the paper final grade.

___/ 15

  1. Select 4 – 6 quality referenced articles from peer-reviewed journals published within last 5 years.Include information from articles in body of paper i.e. adapt and apply a deep understanding of views, experiences, and power structure over time and across cultures, accurately referenced and included in reference page. Include copies of articles with paper submission.


  1. Use of outline:
  • Abstract____/7
  • Background ____/7
  • Describe significance of the topic selected i.e. problem/issue is considered critically, stated clearly, and described comprehensively _____/7
  • Discussion i.e. give consideration to factors shaping the identity taking into account the complexities of the issue_____/7
  • Conclusion i.e. evaluation of solutions contains thorough and insightful explanations considering history of problem, logic/reasoning, feasibility of solution, and weights impact of solution_____/7


  1. APA Style:
  • Writing style, transitions _____/5
  • Grammar, spelling_____/5
  • Title page_____/5
  • In text citations_____/5
  • Reference page_____/5
  • APA format_____/5


  1. Evaluate new knowledge gained.Has your world view changed? Do you view the culture differently now? Do social inequities still exist?Does this remain a global problem?


  1. Paper does not exceed 5-page maximum, excluding title page and reference page.**Material on pages past 5th page will not be read/considered.