your essay must answer all of the following questions what product is being advertised what do you see in the commercial write a short description of the content who are the people seen in the commercial ethnicity age social class personality l

Commercial Persuasion

For this short essay, you will deconstruct a television commercial. Be sure to complete all of your readings for the week before starting the essay. You can choose any commercial, for any kind of product. Pay attention while watching TV, and have the questions below in mind while you watch. You might consider looking up your chosen ad on Youtube so that you can watch it a few times.

Your essay must answer all of the following questions:

  • What product is being advertised?
  • What do you see in the commercial? Write a short description of the content.
  • Who are the people seen in the commercial? (Ethnicity, age, social class, personality, lifestyle, etc.)
  • Who is the audience targeted by this ad? (Most likely it’s the sort of people you note in the previous question, but not necessarily.)
  • What persuasion techniques are used? Use the list detailed in the “Language of Persuasion” article.
  • Describe the colors you see (blues, greens, light, dark, bright, etc.). How do the colors support the purpose of the commercial?
  • How convincing is the commercial?
  • How truthful is the commercial?

This is an essay and it should be formatted as a formal piece of writing. This means a paragraph structure with complete sentences. Grammar and spelling are also important – I have to be able to understand what you’re trying to say.……