Answering Paper #14


Answering Paper #14 1. Is there an alternative to consociational democracy in highly divided societies? Is competitive pluralism such an alternative? How can the rights of minorities best be protected in deeply divided societies? 2. In which societal structure is civil war more likely: one that is characterized by re-enforcing cleavages, or one that is characterized by cross-cutting cleavages? 3. “Success” for consociational democracy basically means establishing peace and harmony in deeply divided societies. Is such success purely a function of its institutional configuration, or are other supporting elements also necessary? What might such elements be? How important is culture?

–1. On MS-Word menu bar, click Home – Times New Roman – 12 font; Layout – Margins – Narrow and adjust Indent zero for all (Left, Right, Before, and After); and Paragraph – Alignment Left – Line Spacing zero.

2. Please edit your answering paper again if it’s longer than two pages. I wanted you answer to all three questions smartly within two pages.