applying for a job here are some mistakes to avoid

Week 9 | Discussion 1: Applying for a Job? Here are Some Mistakes to Avoid

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Read: There are several mistakes that job candidates often make in initial interviews. Some tips include: (1) Be prepared for the interview. Know the company and the job you’re applying for, and take time to practice questions and answers. (2) Dress right, and pay attention to your attitude. Be on time, and turn off your cell phone ringer. (3) Don’t get too personal with the interviewer. Don’t make negative comments about your old company or boss. (4) Be aware that your background will be checked—including your social networks. According to one survey, 96 percent of employers conduct background checks. You may even be asked in the interview for your Facebook username and password so the interviewer can access your private settings.

Answer Part I: What kind of advice do you see here that you wished you’d followed in the past?

Answer Part II:

  1. Discuss the importance of the cover letter in the job search process. What adjustments should you make in how you use cover letters?
  2. How can you determine if you have unrealistic expectations about your career prospects right out of college? Why is having unrealistic expectations detrimental?
  3. How can you make it apparent in the hiring process that you have thoroughly researched the position and the company?