mat 140 pre cal 1

This is for Precalc.

In the Doc “Untitled” that is the rubric. The other is the actual project.

Specifically, you must address the critical elements listed below. Most of the critical elements align with a particular course outcome (shown in brackets). I. Trigonometric Functions Problem A. Establish a context for the problem by explaining in your own words the course principles that apply: What are the relationships between theta and the lengths of the sides of the triangle? Be sure to correctly use the appropriate terminology in your explanation. [MAT-140-05] B. Apply the mathematical process to solve the problem: [MAT-140-04] 1. Use the Pythagorean theorem to find the third side of the triangle. 2. Write out the six trigonometric functions related to theta in exact form. C. Clearly state the answer using appropriate precalculus notations. [MAT-140-05] 2 II. Trigonometric Identities Proof: Format your response using the provided template. A. Indicate each step of your process in the “Statement” column: [MAT-140-04] 1. Identify the problem statement. 2. Correctly use appropriate identities and/or theorems. 3. Correctly use the algebraic process. 4. Identify the final statement. B. Defend your process by identifying the appropriate explanation for each process step in the “Rule” column. [MAT-140-04] III. Trigonometric Word Problem A. Articulate your overall approach to solving this problem before tackling the details. In other words, think about what the question is actually asking, which pieces of information are relevant, and how you can use what you have learned to fill in the missing pieces. [MAT-140-04] B. Apply the mathematical process to solve the problem: [MAT-140-04] 1. Interpret the word problem to identify any missing information. 2. Translate the word problem into an equation. 3. Appropriately use the order of operations and appropriate trigonometric rules or functions to determine the solution. 4. Check your work by ensuring that the known properties of triangles are met. C. Summarize the solution in the terms of the original question using appropriate conventions of precalculus. [MAT-140-05]