sports in society native americans

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Interview a Native American. Due

February 8th

For this

you will interview a Native American. The main topic of your interview should be the use of Native American names and mascots for sports teams. You may also discuss with them their view of Native Americans in sports in general. How do they feel about the use of Native American mascots? When is it OK and when is it not OK? Are their examples they know of when Native American mascots were used appropriately or inappropriately? Also, in the interview find our about the person you are interviewing: What tribe do they belong to, have they been an athlete themselves, and are their Native American sports that they know of and play. Who is their favorite Native American athlete?

Come to class prepared to discuss your findings. In the

you should submit the list of questions you asked in addition to the paper.

(You should look at these videos in preparing your interview. )