The American Revolution essay


The American Revolution falls into three phases:

  1. the independence movement, 1763 to 1775/6;
  2. the Revolutionary War, 1775/6 to 1783; and
  3. the Confederation Era. 1783 to 1789.

Trace the evolution and development of the Revolution through these three phases. How and why did the colonies evolve from the small, jealous entities of 1763 into the United States of America with its federal constitution by 1789? (should be LONGER than one-page, single-spaced- approx. 2 pages).

Identification Groups (describe in about one or two sentences each).

  1. Franco-American Alliance of 1778
  2. Siege of Yorktown
  3. Treaty of Paris of 1783
  4. Articles of Confederation
  5. The Virginia Plan