the strategic management report for gap inc 1500words

Structure of the Management Report ï‚· Non-anonymous cover sheet: This must contain the module title and code, assignment title, your name and ID number, name of your specific seminar tutor, submission date and word count ï‚· Executive summary: This should present a ‘snapshot’ of the report – What did you find out? What conclusions have you drawn? [This will help you to start formulating the Executive Summary for your Summative.] 5 ï‚· Introduction: An introduction that places the organisation within context – its financial status, operations (what it does), its proposed strategy and their key competitors. ï‚· An analysis of the organisation’s external business environment – macro factors (PESTEL framework). ï‚· An analysis of the sector/industry through Porter’s Five Forces model. ï‚· An analysis of the organisation’s internal business environment – specifically the capabilities of the organisation. This will include the use of the VRIO framework. ï‚· A critical evaluation of the chosen company’s strategic position, based on an assessment of the organisation’s internal and external business environment using the appropriate frameworks – SWOT/TOWS ï‚· Conclusions – [What conclusions do you draw from undertaking the various examinations of the above topics/issues? This will help you to start formulating some of your conclusions for CW2 ï‚· References: These must be in the Harvard Format. Additionally there must be appropriate in-text citations throughout your work. [NOTE: You must seek out reliable and validated sources of information for your assignments – Please refer to comments elsewhere in this document and other guides on the M002 Moodle pages.] ï‚· Appendices: No more than four pages in total.